So I went out and bought soy yoghurt because you know, vegan now, and it was all great until I remembered that I don’t even like yoghurt.

Vegan grocery shopping = good. Buying vegan alternatives to products you don’t actually use = waste of money.

(I’ll learn. Eventually. I hope.)

Introductory Post

Hi! I’m Anna, and this is my shiny new food blog! I’m a university student making a transition into vegan food, having been vegetarian for about a year and a half now.

I never expected to find myself doing food blogging, to be honest. Even the “super easy five-minute two-ingredient” recipes are too much for me to handle. But unfortunately, between my allergies, limited budget, and vegan diet, I need to think carefully about what I put in my mouth, and so here we go.

What to expect from this blog: recipes, thoughts about vegan products, science, complaining about Tesco hummus, and crying about how much I miss *insert animal-based product here*.

Let’s rock.